Rendering professional translation and interpreting services since 1992!

For over 30 years Translation Agency ANGOS has been offering expert translation and interpreting services, organisation of conferences and rental of audio equipment. We cooperate with experienced translators and interpreters to make sure that you are offered due diligence, top quality, absolute reliability and individual approach. ANGOS in numbers? 150 experienced professionals speaking 37 languages, 12,000 satisfied Customers from more than 40 regularly supported sectors of the market. 100% confidentiality.

We will translate for you anything you want, putting our hearts and brains into the job.

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ANGOS - Professional Translation Agency

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Professional translation and interpreting services for corporate and individual Customers

We cooperate with the best certified translators / interpreters and experts with long translation experience. With our team of professional translators, interpreters and native speakers, we are able to ensure interpreting services (consecutive, simultaneous) and deliver translations (certified and non-certified, expert etc.) in different fields, including translations of vehicle registration documents as well as medical, marketing, financial translations, agreements, certificates of birth, instruction manuals etc., and in different languages:

High quality, timely performance and responsiveness to Customer requirements is what distinguishes ANGOS on the market. To better understand the specificity of our Customers’ business and increase our effectiveness, we are dedicated to serve them on a continuous basis.

Individualised approach to our Customers is among our priorities. To satisfy Customers’ needs, we offer convenient deadlines and decent prices whilst maintaining high quality. Our regular Customers can expect dedicated discounts, fast turnaround and favourable payment conditions. During the long years of our market presence, we have cooperated with a number of contractors from both Poland and abroad.

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