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Literary and scientific translations – Latin

Latin – although considered a dead language today, it has not disappeared and is still alive, for instance in historical sources, religious books, chronicles or inscriptions in historic buildings. It flourished during … READ MORE

Translations during the epidemic

Changing reality forces us to change the ways we work to limit direct contact and movement. ANGOS Translation Office remains open, but we switched to work remotely. We accept all translation requests … READ MORE

Translations for the agricultural industry

Specialized technical translations in the field of agriculture industry include translations of manuals for agricultural machinery and equipment, fertilizers’ specifications and plant protection products, technical documentation for agribusiness, translation of norms and … READ MORE

International conference “Defining architectural space – tradition and modernity of architecture” – simultaneous translation ANGOS

“Defining architectural space – tradition and modernity of architecture” is the theme of this year’s international conference organized by the Cracow University of Technology and the National Institute of Architecture and Urban … READ MORE

ANGOS ensured comprehensive language and technical support during International Scientific Conference

Between November 23rd and 24th 2018, Kraków hosted the seventeenth International Scientific Conference entitled Defining the Architectural Space. The keynote topic of this year’s edition was “Rationalistic or Intuitive Way to Architecture”. … READ MORE

Jagiellonian University celebrated the Academic Remembrance Day marking the anniversary of Sonderaktion Krakau

79 years ago, Kraków’s 183 professors and academic teachers, 155 working at the Jagiellonian University, were arrested and sent to concentration camps in Dachau and Sachsenhausen. On November 6th, Jagiellonian University celebrated … READ MORE

“Mediation in Youth Work” – professional simultaneous interpretation in English

On 25 May 2018, an interdisciplinary student conference was held at the Institute of Sociology at Jagiellonian University titled “Mediation in Youth Work”. During the conference, issues related to mediation were addressed, … READ MORE

Professional simultaneous interpreting in French and the technical equipment – comprehensive language and technical support of the event.

On April 13th, in the Bobrzyński Room of Collegium Maius, Professor Jacques Leroy was conferred the honorary doctorate of the Jagiellonian University. Professor Leroy is the author of numerous publications on criminal … READ MORE

Bakery translations

Only few translation agencies on the market specialise in texts representing a broadly-defined baking industry. ANGOS joined this group in the very first days of its existence, and has ever since been … READ MORE

Specialist medical translations: rehabilitation and physical therapy

If you need a professional translation of medical articles, professional rehabilitation or physical therapy journals, test results, physical therapy progress notes, rehabilitation equipment handbooks, or articles or books on physical therapy, sports … READ MORE

Technical Translations and Interpreting Services – Foundry Engineering

Technical translations and interpreting represent a very specific type of broadly-defined translation services, where expertise in the field is of particular importance. ANGOS offers services rendered by professional technical translators/interpreters, who are … READ MORE

Simultaneous interpreting during the ceremony of conferring the honorary doctorate of the Jagiellonian University upon Professor Hans-Rudolf Tinneberg

On 27 November 2017, in the Collegium Maius hall, Professor Hans-Rudolf Tinneberg was conferred the honorary doctorate of the Jagiellonian University by the University chancellor, Prof. Wojciech Nowak. The German scientist has … READ MORE

Chemical translation / interpreting services – Translation Agency ANGOS Kraków

Chemistry is a difficult domain of science, where the art of translation requires the knowledge of expert vocabulary, long experience and high translation competence. Our translators and interpreters with expertise in the … READ MORE

Inauguration of the 654th academic year at the Jagiellonian University. Professional interpreters ensured by Translation Agency ANGOS.

There is no company without CUSTOMERS, and there is no better advertisement than a SATISFIED CUSTOMER, who keeps recommending your business to his/her friends. Therefore, building good relations with customers is the … READ MORE