Portugal: the language, porto, fado and pastéis de nata

What associations do you have for Portugal? For football fans it is Cristiano Ronaldo, for rally racing fans it is Rallye Açores, for music lovers it is fado, for wine conoisseurs it is vinho verde and porto, while for gourmets it is indisputably bacalhau (codfish) and pastéis de nata (custard … READ MORE

Japanese translations – interpretation to and from Japanese | ANGOS Kraków

Japanese, generally understood to be one of the hardest languages to learn, is gaining increasing popularity. Becoming fluent in Japanese is no simple matter, not least because of the large number of written characters that must be mastered. There are more than 60,000 of these, most of which were borrowed … READ MORE

Musical translations – specialised translations in the fields of music, dance, and theatre!

„Szumią jodły na gór szczycie, Szumią sobie w dal, I młodemu smutne życie, Gdy ma w sercu żal. Z innych ludzi do nikogo Jeno do ciebie niebogo, Oj Halino, oj jedyno,  Dziewczyno moja…” Through fir trees breezes whisper, Ripened fields turn gold, Through the old man’s withered heart The winter … READ MORE

Linguistic assistance during International Academic Conference – Institute of Pedagogy of the Jagiellonian University in Cracow

“Educational Goods and Their Pedagogical Exploration” was the subject of an International Academic Conference organised by the Institute of Pedagogy of the Jagiellonian University in Cracow on the 50th anniversary of the Institute as an independent unit. The conference was attended by academic staff of the Polish higher education institutions, … READ MORE

ANGOS ensured comprehensive language and technical support during International Scientific Conference

Between November 23rd and 24th 2018, Kraków hosted the seventeenth International Scientific Conference entitled Defining the Architectural Space. The keynote topic of this year’s edition was “Rationalistic or Intuitive Way to Architecture”. The Conference was co-organised by the National Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning in Warsaw. The idea to … READ MORE

Translation during wedding ceremonies and parties

Mixed-nationality bilingual marriages are becoming a nearly everyday occurrence in Poland and an increasing number of couples decide to employ an interpreter to accompany them through this tremendously important day.  The interpreter plays a crucial function not only during the ceremony, whether in church or at the  Civil Registrar Office, … READ MORE

Cybersecurity – ANGOS ensured comprehensive language and technical assistance during International Conference

Cybersecurity is on the list of priorities of the contemporary world. Effective monitoring of IT security and defence against organised attacks require swift action on many fronts. Topics falling within a widely-comprehended category of ‘cybersecurity’ were discussed during the International Conference on Telecommunications held on 1-2 October 2018 in Cracow … READ MORE

Jagiellonian University celebrated the Academic Remembrance Day marking the anniversary of Sonderaktion Krakau

79 years ago, Kraków’s 183 professors and academic teachers, 155 working at the Jagiellonian University, were arrested and sent to concentration camps in Dachau and Sachsenhausen. On November 6th, Jagiellonian University celebrated the Academic Remembrance Day marking the anniversary of Sonderaktion Krakau. Delegations of Kraków higher education institutions laid flowers … READ MORE

Expert technical translations @ The 73rd World Foundry Congress

  The 73rd World Foundry Congress was held in Kraków between 23 and 27 September 2018. Organised by the STOP Polish Foundrymen’s Association and the World Foundry Organisation under the banner ‘Creative Foundry’, the congress was the most important event in the foundry sector and an occasion to share experiences, … READ MORE

Technical translation and interpreting services

With our longtime experience, we are able to deliver the most demanding orders for specialised technical interpreting services. Our customers receive professional linguistic support during expert international conferences, business meetings, commercial negotiations or trainings for machine operators, engineers and IT specialists. For instance, we ensured technical interpreting services in German … READ MORE

Inauguration of the 655th academic year at the Jagiellonian University. Professional simultaneous interpreting in English.

Like every year, on 1 October the Jagiellonian University celebrated inauguration of a new academic year. The main ceremony, attended by regional and local authorities, PMs, Kraków’s academic community and representatives of the diplomatic corps and of the world of culture and education, was held in Auditorium Maximum UJ. It … READ MORE

ANGOS ensured comprehensive language and technical support of the event

On 12 June 2018, in the Collegium Maius Hall, Tad Taube was conferred the honorary doctorate of the Jagiellonian University. Tad Taube is a Cracow-born son of a Jewish entrepreneur, who left for California a few months before the outbreak of WW2 where he settled permanently. The honorary distinction was … READ MORE

Simultaneous interpreting in English

In a mode of interpreting known as simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter intermediates in real time between parties communicating in different languages. The task is not an easy one, as it involves translating an utterance into the target language through careful listening, processing and speaking at the same time, and requires … READ MORE

“Autism and taboo” – translations on the international conference

“Autism and taboo” is the topic of an international conference organised by the Prodeste Foundation in Kraków on the 2nd and 3rd of June 2018. The main theme of the conference was the promotion of neurodiversity as it is experienced by medical specialists, parents of autistic children, and individuals with … READ MORE

“Mediation in Youth Work” – professional simultaneous interpretation in English

On 25 May 2018, an interdisciplinary student conference was held at the Institute of Sociology at Jagiellonian University titled “Mediation in Youth Work”. During the conference, issues related to mediation were addressed, including  Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) as one of the forms mediation and use of this method in work with … READ MORE

Professional simultaneous interpreting in French and the technical equipment – comprehensive language and technical support of the event.

On April 13th, in the Bobrzyński Room of Collegium Maius, Professor Jacques Leroy was conferred the honorary doctorate of the Jagiellonian University. Professor Leroy is the author of numerous publications on criminal law and criminal law textbooks for French and Francophone universities worldwide, and a highly regarded lecturer, invited to … READ MORE

Costs of translation and interpreting services. What does the price depend on?

  A free of charge quotation is provided based on a scan of the document or, for interpreting, based on detailed information concerning the event (international conference, training, meeting attended by guests from abroad etc.). The price of translations depends on several factors: – the source and target language; – … READ MORE

Certified Translation. Provisions of Polish Law

In Poland, certified (or sworn) translation service is performed by sworn translators who are officially approved to provide a translation into the specific language combination by the Minister of Justice. A sworn translator renders services for individuals, companies and state institutions such as courts, police or prosecutor’s office. The list … READ MORE

Bakery translations

Only few translation agencies on the market specialise in texts representing a broadly-defined baking industry. ANGOS joined this group in the very first days of its existence, and has ever since been translating such texts with great passion and involvement. We translate, among others, bakery equipment manuals, technical documents concerning … READ MORE

Historical Translations

Apart from being a challenge, translation of historical documents is also (or perhaps most importantly) a great adventure and an occasion to learn about what life looked like in different places in the past, and to immerse into the atmosphere of the years bygone. ANGOS offers translation of historical and … READ MORE

Specialist medical translations: rehabilitation and physical therapy

If you need a professional translation of medical articles, professional rehabilitation or physical therapy journals, test results, physical therapy progress notes, rehabilitation equipment handbooks, or articles or books on physical therapy, sports medicine or kinesiotherapy, you are in the right place. Our translators are graduates in various medical faculties and … READ MORE

Technical Translations and Interpreting Services – Foundry Engineering

Technical translations and interpreting represent a very specific type of broadly-defined translation services, where expertise in the field is of particular importance. ANGOS offers services rendered by professional technical translators/interpreters, who are experts with many years of experience. Among our translators and interpreters are engineers and scientists fluent in foreign … READ MORE

Simultaneous interpreting during the ceremony of conferring the honorary doctorate of the Jagiellonian University upon Professor Hans-Rudolf Tinneberg

On 27 November 2017, in the Collegium Maius hall, Professor Hans-Rudolf Tinneberg was conferred the honorary doctorate of the Jagiellonian University by the University chancellor, Prof. Wojciech Nowak. The German scientist has closely cooperated with the University’s Chair of Gynaecology and Obstetrics for more than a dozen years and is … READ MORE

Sports translation / interpreting services

Sports translation / interpreting is a relatively new, yet interesting area of expertise. From time immemorial, sports events have entertained millions of people all over the world, but currently, together with the growing interest in healthy lifestyle and fitness, the demand for sports translation and interpreting services is higher than … READ MORE

Chemical translation / interpreting services – Translation Agency ANGOS Kraków

Chemistry is a difficult domain of science, where the art of translation requires the knowledge of expert vocabulary, long experience and high translation competence. Our translators and interpreters with expertise in the field continually strive to enhance their knowledge, thus guaranteeing perfect quality of their service. We offer professional chemical … READ MORE

Inauguration of the 654th academic year at the Jagiellonian University. Professional interpreters ensured by Translation Agency ANGOS.

There is no company without CUSTOMERS, and there is no better advertisement than a SATISFIED CUSTOMER, who keeps recommending your business to his/her friends. Therefore, building good relations with customers is the cornerstone of our everyday efforts. We are proud of our long-term cooperation with numerous state institutions and renowned … READ MORE

Financial translation not just for business

Finance is a field where precision and consistency are the most important. High quality financial translation is crucial if your business is to thrive in today’s multilingual and increasingly global marketplace. Such translation is a complex task which requires excellent language and financial knowledge as well as exceptional attention to … READ MORE