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International conferences gather individuals from different backgrounds, cultures and languages. The role of interpreters in such conferences is to facilitate communication between the participants in a way that best conveys, in various languages, what each participant intended to convey to the other participants. This therefore goes beyond the mere translation of words from one language to another. Interpreters always speak in the first person taking into account the speaker's tone and intonation.

ANGOS offers highest-quality professional conference interpretation services: 

  • Consecutive – interpretation takes place once the speaker finishes talking;
  • Simultaneous – interpretation takes place at the same time as the speech;
  • Relay – translation between two languages ​​using a third language;
  • Retour ("return") – translation from speaker's mother tongue to a foreign language;
  • Pivot – using one selected language as source language for other interpreters;
  • Cheval – the interpreter works alternately in two interpreter cabins at one meeting;
  • Asymmetric – all participants listen to interpretations into a selected number of languages;
  • Whispered ("whispering") – simultaneous interpretation into the ear of the person sitting next to the interpreter.

In addition to interpretation, we provide comprehensive technical support for every conference and meeting, including BOSCH INTEGRUS digital simultaneous interpretation equipment, sound systems, wireless microphones etc.

Over two decades of uninterrupted presence of our translation office on the market is a success, and at the same time, a commitment to maintaining highest-quality standards. We will do our utmost to ensure our services satisfy your needs!

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