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Certified (sworn) translations require validation by the translator's official stamp. Such translations are required by public administration, institutions, courts, etc. Certified translators can also certify documents of other translators or institutions.

According to the applicable rules, certified translations should include a translation and/or a description of all the details contained in the original document, such as seals, watermarks, signatures, annotations, decorative elements, etc., and each translated page requires the translator's official stamp to be valid.

Translation Agency ANGOS offers highest-quality and professional certified translation services from Finnish and to Finnish. We translate various texts and documents, such as:

  • documents required for vehicle registration (sales certificate/proof of purchase, proof of insurance cover, registration certificate, vehicle card, proof of ownership, etc.);
  • excerpts from land and mortgage registers, notarial deeds;
  • company documents (corporation founding acts, invoices, accounts, trade agreements, financial reports, documents relating to company's register number, tax identification number, business activity registers or court registers, etc.);
  • tax documents;
  • baptismal or confirmation certificates;
  • medical documents (prescriptions, medical records, diagnoses, attestations, etc.);
  • powers of attorney,
  • court documents (summons, complaints, appeals, judgments, criminal records, orders, etc.);
  • official documents such as birth certificates, death certificates, marriage records, divorce registrations, last wills, etc.;
  • identity cards/documents, passports;
  • academic and training certificates, diplomas, official transcripts;
  • employment certificates and contracts, pay slips, insurance policy documents;
  • contracts and agreements,
  • technical and construction/building documentation;
  • scientific documentation, patents;
  • financial statements;
  • business correspondence;
  • bank documents (account statements, opinions, certificates);
  • insurance documents (insurance policies, opinions, certificates);
  • patents;
  • legal acts and texts;
  • EU documents.

ANGOS also offers certified interpretation services from Finnish and to Finnish, including:

  • Interpretation during court proceedings, court hearings, criminal proceedings;
  • Interpretation for notarial transactions including signature of notarial deeds;
  • Interpretation during civil marriages;
  • Interpretation during official international gatherings/agreements;
  • Interpretation at government offices and institutions;
  • Interpretation of shareholders meetings;
  • Interpretation during driving tests;
  • Interpretation at official ceremonies.

Over two decades of uninterrupted presence of our translation office on the market is a success, and at the same time, a commitment to maintaining highest-quality standards. We will do our utmost to ensure our services satisfy your needs!

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