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Estonian, the official language of Estonia, also spoken in the European Union, belongs to the group of Finnic languages. Although used natively only by 1.2 million people, it is by no means useless. The language is more closely related to Finnish than to Hungarian. As the command of Estonian in Poland is still rare, its translators and interpreters cannot complain about lack of work. Rates for translation into/from Estonian are twice or thrice bigger than those for more popular languages, such as English, German, Russian, French, Italian or Spanish.

In Poland, there are no sworn translators of Estonian. Therefore, if you happen to need a certified translation from Estonian to Polish or from Polish to Estonian, you need to turn to the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Tallinn. According to Polish law, the Polish Consul in Tallinn is authorised to translate documents from Estonian to Polish and from Polish to Estonian, which then have the legal force of certified translations.

In accordance with Estonian law, the Estonian Consul in Poland is authorised to translate documents needed by an Estonian citizen in Poland or by an Estonian corporate body or ones that refer to property located in Estonia. Documents translated by the Estonian Consul have the legal force of certified translations.

/Source: Estonian Embassy in Warsaw/.


In ANGOS we offer translations from and to Estonian. We cooperate with experienced translators, including native speakers of Estonian, thus guaranteeing high quality service.

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