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The 73rd World Foundry Congress was held in Kraków between 23 and 27 September 2018. Organised by the STOP Polish Foundrymen’s Association and the World Foundry Organisation under the banner ‘Creative Foundry’, the congress was the most important event in the foundry sector and an occasion to share experiences, innovation and the latest achievements. This year’s edition gathered over 700 representatives of 41 countries worldwide, including c.a. 100 young scientists. The meetings, lectures and presentations were organised into several session blocks, i.e. materials, technologies, management economy and digitalisation. Additionally, the event was accompanied by an exhibition, also entitled ‘Creative Foundry’, prepared by more than 50 exhibitors who presented innovative foundry technologies, instrumentation, machines, equipment, materials and casting methods.

ANGOS ensured professional simultaneous English interpreters for the opening of the 73rd World Foundry Congress and for the press conference.

We also offer expert technical translations, including safety data sheets, technical standards, approvals, certificates and attestations, service and maintenance manuals, technical documentation, instruction manuals for household appliances, audio/video devices, computer software and tendering documents (specifications).

Our professional translators and interpreters (simultaneous and consecutive) have extensive experience and thus guarantee high-quality service, among others, in English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Slovak and Czech.


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