ANGOS ensured comprehensive language and technical support of the event

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On 12 June 2018, in the Collegium Maius Hall, Tad Taube was conferred the honorary doctorate of the Jagiellonian University. Tad Taube is a Cracow-born son of a Jewish entrepreneur, who left for California a few months before the outbreak of WW2 where he settled permanently. The honorary distinction was awarded to Mr. Tad Taube by the UJ Senate in recognition of his commitment to maintaining good Polish-Jewish relations, rebuilding Jewish communities in Poland, developing Jewish studies, among others at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, and promoting the history and culture of the Polish Jews worldwide. The ceremony was attended by a number of distinguished guests including representatives of the cultural sector, scholars and politicians.

ANGOS ensured comprehensive language and technical support of the event, i.e. simultaneous interpreting in English and the technical equipment needed for the services to be duly rendered (booths, headsets and headphones).

Our offer also includes consecutive interpreting and certified interpreting  (in state/local offices, notarial offices and at courts) as well as translation (both certified and non-certified), among others, of:

- technical texts

- medical texts

- marketing texts

- financial texts

- legal texts.

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