“Autism and taboo” – translations on the international conference

Autism and taboo

Autism and taboo” is the topic of an international conference organised by the Prodeste Foundation in Kraków on the 2nd and 3rd of June 2018. The main theme of the conference was the promotion of neurodiversity as it is experienced by medical specialists, parents of autistic children, and individuals with autism themselves. The conference provided an international setting for discussions on the creation of relationships with children with autism, possibilities for supporting parents of children affected by autism, and the development of general social awareness of autism.

ANGOS Translation Agency provided comprehensive support for the event including  professional simultaneous translation into English and essential sound system equipment, among others.

We offer professional language and technical services for international conferences, congresses, training sessions,  and other events, including:

 - oral interpretation – simultaneous and consecutive

- rental of simultaneous interpretation cabins

- rental of headsets and sound system equipment for interpretation

- technical service during conferences, set-up and breakdown of equipment

We offer oral interpretation and written translation in many languages, including English, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Romanian, Slovakian, Czech, Italian, Ukrainian, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, and Hungarian.


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