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Cooperating with the Jagiellonian University for many years has given us the opportunity to take part in many interesting and important events. We have been providing simultaneous translations in English, German, Italian or French, together with specialized conference equipment (headphones and cabins) and technical support at various occasions, such as the inauguration of academic year, awarding of honorary doctorates, or prestigious international conferences.

This time, we were asked to provide consecutive interpretation in English during a scientific meeting focused on analysing the effects of breastfeeding on the future shape of child’s face. Doctor Natalia Mendes M. Cardoso from the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) gave a lecture in Auditorium Maximum on the role of breastfeeding in the development of child’s craniofacial, palate, mouth shape and auditory tubes. It was the first time in Poland this topic was presented from the point of view of a pediatric orthodontist.

We recommend an interesting study titled “Lactation myths – what does science say? Available at the following website:

Our rich offer includes not only simultaneous and consecutive translations or whispered interpreting, but also written translations in many languages, ​​and covering various sectors and industries. We provide certified and ordinary translations, as well as technical, legal, medical, scientific, marketing and financial translations in English, Russian, German, French, Italian, Romanian, Spanish, Hungarian, Swedish, Norwegian, Czech, Slovak and in many other languages. We translate websites and specialized articles and papers published in professional Polish and foreign press.

The rates for written translations (ordinary and certified) depend on the type of the text, the source language, the field of expertise covered and the translation mode. We offer translations in regular, express and super express modes, depending on the client's needs.

Oral translations (ordinary and certified) are charged per hour, or per 4-hour or 8-hour blocks. The rates for oral translations (consecutive, simultaneous or whispered interpreting) depend on the language of the translation, the type and size of the event where the translation takes place (conferences, meetings, lectures, etc.), topics covered (including the required translator’s specialization and experience in a given field) and the number of translators required.

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consecutive interpretation in English during a scientific meeting

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