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With our longtime experience, we are able to deliver the most demanding orders for specialised technical interpreting services. Our customers receive professional linguistic support during expert international conferences, business meetings, commercial negotiations or trainings for machine operators, engineers and IT specialists.

For instance, we ensured technical interpreting services in German during the start-up and testing of a concrete batching plant (which remained unused for 3 years) and during a training for operators, encompassing work on different concrete compositions and responses to emergencies, for Max Bögl, winner of tendering proceedings for the reconstruction of taxiways and aprons at the Kraków John Paul II International Airport.

A Swedish company based in Stockholm, Blomqvist & Tham, ordered English interpreting with Angos when inspecting the construction of 3 sections of the S7 expressway between Lubień and Naprawa and between Skomielna Biała and Chabówka. The Swedish engineers and project managers met with representatives of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways to discuss the long bridge construction by cantilever progression, advancement of earthworks, tunnelling and, finally, slope stabilisation with shotcrete, also known as sprayed concrete

Each request for technical translation and interpreting services is examined individually and assigned to experienced translators and interpreters, specialists in the field.

We offer technical interpreting in a number of languages and fields of expertise, for instance to English, Russian, French, German, Romanian, Spanish and Italian, and ensure technical support of events such as international conferences, meetings or trainings, together with the necessary equipment (booths and headsets).

We offer technical translation and interpreting in the fields of engineering, construction, automation, robotics, materials science, mechanics, CAD, power engineering, metallurgy, railway engineering, motor industry, aircraft industry etc.

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